The California Constitutional Convention Initiative

About 3Ci

California calls for Constitutional Convention. It’s time to shake things up, restore and protect the progressive values of CA! Here at 3Ci we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do some of the heavy lifting for you, fellow citizen, to pave the way for value-based change in the USA and, specifically, here in CA.

How would you like to know that your tax dollars are going towards essential, life-affirming, principles?

With this Initiative, together, we will Protect & Improve: Education, Healthcare, Higher Minimum Wage, Improved Infrastructure, Reduced Homelessness, Stability for Immigrants, Our Environment, our Political System, Women’s Rights and People’s Choice on who they LOVE.

How you can Help!  We have started the process and now we need YOU! We need your participation in sharing this initiative, talking with your friends and neighbors, work colleagues and communities, raising our voices together; one people, one voice. There are 4 easy ways you can help:

  1. Join our mailing list to keep updated.
  2. Support financially: Donate!
  3. Talk about this to your friends/family/colleagues.
  4. Share – Invite everyone to check us out!

Working together we make a difference.  Ask/Answer many of your FAQ’s on our CROWDFUNDING PAGE

The time is NOW. Many States are calling for a Constitutional Convention – Americans want to address basic human rights and quality of life issues. Californians are stipulating exactly what we would like to see changed in the USA Constitution, to improve our quality of life – all the way from minimum wage, to agreeing on the stages of secession, for any State. We want to clear the way for Americans to have a voice for the kind of life they want.

CA is a strong State and can be an even stronger Country. Whether we become a separate-but-connected Nation, or totally independent of the USA, we believe in good. right & peaceful relations. So join us now: SIGN UP and SUPPORT this petition; protect our values, our people, and this land we call home.